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“My biggest desire is to help those who can not help themselves and support them to succeed; I find great power in connecting passion with purpose”.

Adriana Kligman is CMO and Digital Marketing Strategist focused on performance marketing. She has 13+ years of experience working with diverse clients, from dental and health care to fashion and eCommerce, not to mention some of the biggest names like Invisalign & Philips. She also works for many small but well-established businesses.  

Adriana has completed two bachelor’s degrees, one in Mass Media & Communications and the other in Business Management, with a Major in Accounting. But after struggling with most marketing agencies and gurus trying to convince her that they were the best in town and waiting to see results, Adriana started to study again. Yet, this time she was learning from real marketing leaders at the “google academy” It wasn’t easy. Still, after a year into it, she earned her “google partnership”, which means that she is proficient and has exceptional knowledge working with the biggest platform in the world.

The Hyperdot story

In 2016 after working behind the scenes for her husband’s business and helping him reach new heights, becoming the number one single provider of Invisalign in Australasia. Adriana started her marketing agency with a purpose (Hyperdot Digital Marketing). The motivation of it was to help other businesses grow their online presence in an honest way.

Adriana’s influence

Time passed, and in late 2022 many of her friends and business owners from her area started to ask her to teach them how to advertise on google and social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, she discovered that all of them were in the same situation that she was 15 years ago, dealing with marketers full of empty promises and huge invoices.

Today, Adriana helps businesses get off the ground and runs workshops for in-house marketing teams, small businesses and startups, teaching them how to market their business strategically. 

No one knows your business as you do. You know your product/service, your competency, your keywords and your customers. With that, you already have most of the job done. You just need to learn how to put it on an ad.

Adriana K.

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