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Snapchat is going further into high-tech digital ad targeting that includes letting advertisers target customers using email databases and other data sources.

This new initiative is enabling marketers to take existing lists of email addresses and mobile device IDs and anonymously pairs them with Snapchat’s own collection of consumer data, enabling enhanced ad targeting. In this process, Snapchat is taking steps to make sure it does not employ any personally identifiable data when executing these ad campaigns.

On the other hand, the Lifestyle categories let brands direct ads to people who consume certain types of videos. Ultimately, Snapchat is helping advertisers target ads to consumers who display a certain set of characteristics that are similar to an advertiser’s existing customers; a product Snapchat is calling “Lookalikes.”

This company has certainly been building its monetisation from the ground up, and they had early growing pains. But they are showing very good momentum!

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