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Last weekend, Dr. Joel & Adriana Kligman opened their Vaucluse home in support of the DICE Kids program. During the 4-hour Mini-Summit, Erin Watson-Lynn, super-woman executive director of DICE Kids, nurtured and also learned from the fresh minds of 20 teenagers.

These teens are the next generation of business leaders, many of whom are already ahead of the curve in their social and entrepreneurial passions.

The DICE Kids Patron, Lucy Turnbull is very passionate about enhancing and growing the capabilities of young adults and ensuring that they have an opportunity to learn the business skills needed for their future.

The young audience also enjoyed the presence of entrepreneurs Nick Molnar and Nathan Testa. Entrepreneurial action man Nick Molnar who, at only 27 years of age, was in Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 successful entrepreneurs, has grown the company AfterPay, worth over AU$500 Million.

Serial entrepreneur Nathan Testa has successfully helped develop over three business ventures and at only 17 years old no less.

The event was highly attended, by personalities such as Hayley BailliePeter DunneNancy Fonseca and other well-known Australian business entrepreneurs.

This event gave all the teens in attendance the confidence to believe that any business venture is possible.

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